For the last 11 years, Sprizzo Gallery Caffe’, under our ownership, has proudly served the Waukesha community. We have provided a quality product at a fair price, in a family friendly setting. With the Main Street construction beginning, it is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of Sprizzo, effective March 1, 2015.

The Waukesha community welcomed us with opened arms and has supported and encouraged us for over a decade. We will be forever grateful to have played host to many aspiring and talented professional artists and musicians, community organizations, political events, and customer celebrations.

We have had wonderful staff over the years and hope to continue friendships and follow their future careers in the upcoming years. We have also developed many close relationships with downtown neighbors and loyal customers, and they shall be missed.

Even with an amazing pro-active city staff, it is simply too challenging for Sprizzo or any business to weather two consecutive years of road construction and closed streets. Sprizzo only has one customer entrance. Blocking that entrance and removing sidewalks and streets will diminish the customer base, especially to those with mobility issues. It is no one’s fault. It is what it is. Anytime you close the streets you displace regular customers who proceed to find new places that have easier access. It may take months for them to return to their old favorite place.

We had hoped for a smooth transition to a new buyer and will know more in the near future. In the meantime, the business and property are for sale. If anyone is interested in continuing the Sprizzo tradition or in just purchasing the building, please contact our agent at Summit Realty at 414-791-2774. You would have 5 months to remodel and make the space your own before opening to a beautiful new street scape and thankfully warmer weather. Our patio will be waiting for customers!

The time has come to pursue other endeavors and devote more time to family. Our daughter will be heading to UW Madison in the fall. We are lucky to have our parents healthy and in their mid 80’s and want to spend as much stress free time together as possible. This has been more difficult with restaurant hours.  Their endless support over the years is immeasurable.  We have another venture for downtown in mind and will be working those details out after some much needed rest and a vacation. Many thanks to our staff, customers, and the great city of Waukesha for your support!

Karla and Jeff Harper

Sprizzo Gallery Caffe’

363 W. Main Street

Waukesha, WI 53186



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